fucking dinosaurs got this

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'everything i say in front of somebody immediately launches into orbit around his navel-gazing, and his answer will be a reaction to that kind of gravitation. he doesn't see what i name, be it a poor smoked herring; he contemplates only the landscape of himself complemented by the new moon that…

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Rebecca YanovskayaWinged Series

Ballpoint pen & 22K Gold Leaf Applique on Moleskine paper

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Hisashi Eguchi

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I am so fucking god damn tired of seeing Francois Sagat and anything that looks like him


It’s 2014 already I mean come the fuck on

someone finally said it.

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Fetishes are literally viewed as fake forms of attraction. The fetish concept is used to delegitimatize attraction to any and all bodies that are not considered normative. This is why people are accused to have transgender fetishes and fat fetishes and disability fetishes, but never cisgender fetishes, thin fetishes or able-bodied fetishes. Even in cases in which the person in question exclusively partners with these latter groups.
Julia Serano, Desirable
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Joel Handorff is my Fairie Art Godfather and one of the most correct artists I’ve ever encountered. These are just some visuals from our gallery hop in the EV yesterday.
Photographs by Walt Cessna NYC 14

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